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    Giants’ Super Bowl hero Tyree says same-sex marriage would lead to ‘anarchy’
    Former Giants wide receiver David Tyree — best known for making a catch against his helmet during Super Bowl XLII — spoke out against gay marriage Wednesday, claiming it is the first step towards “anarchy.” In an interview with anti-gay group the National Organization for Marriage, Tyree also said two…

    Read more on New York Post Rep. David Whittle (D-VA) speaks passionately about how his son, who died in Iraq, would have loved to see this appropriations bill passed.

    I have to do a book report that stresses the hero’s journey. So it should have more than 200 pages. Do any books jump out in your mind? I’m at a loss for books that fit this, so any help would be appreciated.

    My online writing class is about to write a 27 page essay about what you would want to be as a super hero and what would your powers be and how would you use them? Also they told us to write it in a story format. Any suggestions?

    Situation: In order to save one million innocent lives, you must sacrifice one hundred innocent lives.

    Would your ideal hero go through with this? Would they refuse? Would they try to find another way, even if the attempt is in vain? How much would your ideal hero risk, and why? Explain your answers.

    I got band hero game only for Christmas, and since I like to sing I want a microphone as well. I also own singstar and tried using those microphones, but it didn’t work. So what is a good mic to use and where could I buy one? Possibly target?

    I might be getting guitar hero for the wii.
    I was thinking about getting world tour for the wii. What are the songs for guitar hero world tour? And what guitar hero whould you rocomend for me?

    Using either one of these characters—Perseus, Theseus, Hercules, Achilles,
    Give 12 characteristics of one mythological hero and 12 characteristics of a modern day hero
    Using these type of greek heroes: Theseus, Perseus, Hercules, Achilles, Jason, and a few other ones…
    Just pick one:
    I’m thinking of comparing Kurt Cobain and Hercules, if you think I should then give me 12 similiar characteristics of each.

    This is a school project btw.

    Anyways, give me 12 characteristics of the modern day hero and a greek mythological character, similiar characterisitcs.