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    I’m sure games like this aren’t contributing in any way to the growing childhood obesity issue

    Miners head home; Phoenix set to tour
    The silent hero of the rescue of Chile’s 33 miners – the metal escape capsule, dubbed Phoenix, that hoisted them from the depths – is to become a celebrity in its own right.

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    I just bought guitar hero world tour and I want to play the drums on rock band. I know its possible to use world tour instrument’s’ on rock band but how do I hook/set up my drums for rock band 2?

    Just got the game and was messing with the studio and saw how much you can really do with this. Just wondering if provided with the correct notes of certain songs, could you make them on this game. For instance, if I got the real song notes to a very popular band, could some one make them into a Guitar Hero song. I know I could just try but I am not that talented. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    I know that Rock Band has 4 different things you can hit on the drum set, plus a foot petal thing, but that guitar hero has 5 different things you can hit on the drums, and a foot petal also. But I’m wondering is there anything else?
    Thank you!

    I wanted to play Guitar Hero for NDS but I cant play because there is no guitar grip, how can i solve this?

    Just wanna play against my gf on guitar hero world tour but I don’t know how to play against her. I only managed to send her a play invite.

    I heard you can’t download additional on rockband2 but you can on guitar hero world tour. I’m also wondering what one is better quality and has better gameplay.

    I know in rock band we can save a band member if he is doing poor. I was wondering if we can do the same in guitar hero world tour. If yes then how?
    Thanks a lot!!