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    World Heroes review. Classic Game Room reviews WORLD HEROES for Neo Geo Station on PS3 from Alpha and SNK Playmore. World Heroes is a super cheesy awesome fighting game that was originally released for the Neo Geo MVS in 1992. SNK Playmore brings the classic 2D fighter back with this Neo-Geo Station release for Playstation 3 available as a download from the Playstation Network. CGR World Heroes video review on PS3 shows World Heroes SNK NeoGeo Station game play in HD.

    Classic Game Room reviews CAPTAIN AMERICA: SUPER SOLDIER for Playstation 3 PS3 from Marvel, Next Level Games and Sega (also available for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. This CGR video review of Captain America videogame features Captain America video game gameplay from Playstation 3 PS3 version (similar to Xbox 360) showing Captain America game review action.

    My two grandsons wants their bedroom decorated in super hero’s.I am going to paint the walls and maybe use wall Murial’s of super hero’s.Maybe like a 5 or 6ft. one.The ones on ebay seem to be real expensive.Is their anywhere Else I could buy them or does anyone have any other ideals.Thank you.