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    A council of “war-free” worlds debates whether to allow the war-like and self-absorbed Earth to join. They eventually decide to give Earth a chance and send Prince Planet to fight cruelty wherever or whatever it is.

    A little boy sees a strange flying object and, without knowing it, leads Prince Planet into the greatest danger of his career! In this adventure, the brave boy from outer space meets the evil visitors from Simeona, the Simeons! The strange robot controlled by the Simeons traps Prince Planet and his friends in a plastic blanket and, soon, the valiant prince is imprisoned, in an orbit around the Earth! Can Prince Planet break the unbreakable plastic shell? Or is Prince Planet doomed?

    Scientists investigate a mysterious meteorite shower that dropped space rocks in a V shape in a English field. Recovering from a recent accident, Dr. Richard Arden, preeminent in the field of extraterrestrial study, can not accompany his colleagues to investigate. At the site, they are overtaken by some alien force.Others people in the vicinity are dying from the mysterious “crimson plague”. For unknown reasons, only Temple seems immune. So it is up to him to foil the alien plan to take humans to the moon for sinister purposes.

    Lisicki goes from zero to hero
    Sabine Lisicki shed tears of joy after causing the biggest upset of this year’s Wimbledon with a three-set victory over third seed and French Open champion Li Na.

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    The hero from Hunt Camp
    Today would have been Bill Nakamura’s 89th birthday. He’s the only Magic Valley resident — I checked — ever to have a courthouse named after him.

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    Hero saved nurse from deadly attack
    SLAIN psychiatric nurse hailed a hero for saving a colleague during a frenzied knife attack at a hospital. 


    Hinkley and Pam’s Squaw Valley vacation turns serious when they call in Bill to help a Czech downhill racer and his girlfriend defect with secret information.

    Man who fatally shot carjacking suspect in Detroit released from hospital
    A man hailed as a hero for killing a man who shot him at least three times has been released from an area hospital where he was treated.

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    Carter brings American home from North Korea
    Former US president Jimmy Carter returned Friday to a hero’s welcome as he brought home safely an American national sentenced to eight years hard labor in North Korea.

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    Nanny from Hurstpierpoint who helped raise war hero is 100
    A nanny from Hurstpierpoint who helped raise a war hero has celebrated her 100th birthday.

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