Hey Guys, Otter here! Our ninth episode of our Island Survival Episode starts with what has been going on in the past week in our minecraft world! [SPOILER] Let me know what you guys think about the changes I made! As always, leave feedback and a ‘like’ if you liked the video, it helps! Peace! __________________________________________ Extra Tags] IGNORE [Extra Tags] Call, of, Duty, 4, In, Real, life, modern, warfare, xbox, xbl, counterstrike, sounds, playstation, xbox, live , halo gmod gta 5 need for speed undercover g unit lego lost green lantern movie mtv gamestop yellow ps3 grapes twin towers 2 lego spider man lego indiana jones lego star wars 3 lego batman arkham asylum game the dark knight video game jak 4 jak 5 jak 6 ps4 ps5 yellow ps3 gta 5 bully 2 psp nyc Super Mario Galaxy 2007 97 call bj of duty assassins creed gta 4 grand theft auto vice city san andreas 4 bioshock mass effect metal gear solid 4 2 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, resistance fall of man tom clancy’s rainboy six vegas The 2006 95 3 Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2008 94 4 Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition 2007 battlefield bad company ps2 gamecube ok roll’d xbox 91 5 Metroid Prime 3: rick roll Corruption 2007 90 6 Okami 2008 89 7 Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure 2007 87 8 Guitar Hero III: Legends of xbox live Rock 2007 86 9 Super Paper Mario 2007 85 10 Boom Blox 2008 85 11 No More Heroes 2008 83 12 MLB Power Pros 2007 83 13 BlastWorks: Build, Trade, Destroy 2008 83 14 WarioWare: Smooth Moves 2007

    Syrup talks about the new Monk class in the WoW Expansion: Mists of Pandaria. Text version: * Monk is the New Class – Brewmaster – Tank spec – Mistweaver – Healer, a healer who can stand up in melee and will let players experience a “new healing style” – Windwalker – Melee DPS – This is not a hero class, and it will start at level 1 – The class is very martial-arts based – Lots of monk-only animations, the healer and tanks will have different stances they can stand in, etc … – Monk Races – All of them except Goblin and Worgens * Monk Equipment – Leather Armor (Agility or Intellect) – They hit a lot with hands and feet – They will need weapons for some finishers: Staves, Fist Weapons – They will also be able to use 1H Axe and maces, swords – Healers will get off-hands, they don’t want healers to use shields. * Monk Resources -Chi (energy) slowly regenerates and is only used for your Jab and Roll abilities. – Jab generates Light and Dark force, which are used for everything else. – Some finishing move uses dark force, some use the light force. – No auto attack! See the *full* Show! ★ www.youtube.com ★ WAY ➚ What is WAY? – See way.tgn.tv Syrup’s Channel www.Youtube.com Music by Farhan! — See Farhan.tgn.tv =-=-=-= ★ TGN Social http ★ What is TGN? what.tgn.tv ★ TGN Times http ★ TGN on Facebook www.facebook.com ★ TGN on Twitter twitter.com ★ We Are YouTube – WAY! way.tgn.tv

    March 2009 In 2003, special soldier Jeans Cruz dragged the emaciated dictator Saddam Hussein from his hideout. Cruz became an overnight hero. But after receiving his military honours, his life took an unexpected turn.

    Three of the best known duos in gaming come together to compete in the first Inter-Universal Hero Games. Should you care? Find out now.

    Seaside Hill and Metal Sonic!

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    Synopsis-A patriotic Shravan believes in doing odd jobs to support his family and not feeling guilty about it. In this movie, find out how his patriotism helps him work on a macro level and become great in the eyes of others. Shravan, a bus driver by profession, is a reallife hero who does his best to help people. Priya is a college going girl who likes him. The rape of a common girl infuriates Shravan and therefore he kills the 4 guys who committed this crime unaware that they were related to a politician who could harm him. He doesn’t get embroiled in the political muck and continues to fight injustice in his own way. But whilst doing this he murders someone. Will the court acquit or convict such a social worker?

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