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    The Best Man is responsible for a variety of tasks for the wedding, not just his best man speech. Because they can vary, be sure to talk to the Groom about what you should do. The Best Man probably has most of his miscellaneous duties before the actual wedding. One of the most important is being a source or moral support for the groom.

    Your most important job, however, is to just provide a good source of moral support for the Groom. Even though weddings are supposed to be blissful and relaxed, they can be overwhelming. So sometimes you need to be a Best Friend before the Best Man. You want to provide a good system of reinforcement for your Groom and help make his special day even better. The wedding planning process will also give you a good opportunity to find material for your best man wedding speech.

    Generally your pre-wedding responsibilities include picking a wedding date and location of the wedding. Most of the time, this includes the input of the Bride and the Groom, as well as the Best Man and the Maid of Honor. When trying to pick a date, be sure to pick it far enough in advance. You need to keep non-local family and friends in your plans, as they will want to have enough time to get off work and get less expensive plane tickets. Picking a location is also important. This ties very closely with the date. You want to avoid a New York wedding during the winter, to avoid forcing the Groom to wear a Parka and snowshoes. Unless the wedding is indoors, you want to keep the date and the location in mind.

    If the Bride and Groom have already decided on a location for the wedding, make sure you have a physical address available for people who aren’t local.

    If the Bride and Groom have a someone special in mind that they want to perform the service, be sure to talk to him in advance to see when he is available, or look around for a clergyman that is available on the wedding date.

    This will eliminate any last minute panic and careless mistakes, and will give you an opportunity to practice your best man speech. And remember to practice for your big best man speech.

    Probably the best way to reduce nervousness is to just be prepared. Going into your speech confident, knowing that you have put a lot of effort into preparing yourself will not only make you less nervous, but it will make your speech sound great. A good way to practice is simply reciting your best man speeches examples in the mirror. You want to make your practice as real as possible, so mentally place yourself in the reception hall. Sit on the edge of the bathtub or something, and pretend you have just been called up to speak. Walk in front of the mirror and start. Practice with only little bits if you need to, and eventually build it up to the point where you can recite the whole thing. Once you have the whole speech down, work on making it sound natural. Stand in front of the mirror, and pretend you’re speaking the crowd. If you stumble a little bit, just keep going and try to finish smoothly. By preparing yourself for a mistake, you can remain calm if you encounter one on the Wedding Day.

    Look online for some breathing exercises that will help you relax. They are a physically proven quick stress reliever that can reduce tension and slow your heart rate. Breathing is important during your speech. If you have to consciously stop to take a breath, it is okay. No one will even notice. Although you feel like you have all eyes on you, you’re not being judged as closely as you think you are. Relax your muscles; you don’t want to look like a talking statue. Just be yourself! That’s the reason you were chosen to be a Best Man after all.

    Move around a little bit, but avoid pacing. Picture the natural way a comedian looks on stage. A few sips of a drink can calm you down and reduce your nervousness a little. However, do NOT drink too much. Saying your best mans speech while drunk, while it may be funny, will only result in embarrassment for yourself as well as the couple and will leave the groom feeling disrespected. Don’t let your nerves bait you into drinking too much.

    Have something in your non-microphone hand, but make sure it’s not noticeable. A rolled-up paper towel or two is a great DIY stress ball, and it also absorbs sweat. Keeping it inconspicuous allows the audience to stay focused on you and what you have to stay, as opposed to the mysterious object you keep waving around.

    You don’t want people to spend the entirety of your speech trying to figure out what you have in your hand. A glass of water nearby does more than slake your thirst. It also provides a little opportunity to gather your thoughts and refocus. Holding your glass could be a bad idea. If you are getting into your speech and forget what you’re holding, you risk spilling it, or even worse, tossing on the Bride.

    Pretend you’re back in the bathroom practicing your best man speech or that you’re sitting there talking to only the Groom. While it may feel like hours to you, five seconds of mental preparation for your best man speeches examples will go completely unnoticed by the audience.

    The job of the Best Man is very important. As an integral part of the wedding, it is your job to not only prepare your best man wedding speeches, but also to make sure that everything during the wedding runs smoothly.

    If you are in charge of keeping the wedding rings and the marriage license, make sure you have them in a secure location where they won’t get lost. Pack the car with the luggage, passports, plane tickets, and other things the couple might need if they are leaving for the honeymoon directly after the reception. Take a moment before the wedding for final touch-ups. Make sure groom looks his best for his wedding. Button any missing buttons, straighten his tie, and calm his nerves.

    During the wedding, be ready to help should anything go a little off track. A problem will generally be very minimal, and you probably won’t have to worry about fiascoes that happen in movie weddings. Just being prepared can help avert any issues, whether it’s a crying flower girl or a stain on the Groom’s shirt. With a good rehearsal, most of these problems can be sorted out before the actual wedding, giving you one less thing to worry about.

    Be ready to lend a hand if something goes a little awry during the wedding. Big problems are usually sorted out during the rehearsal, and so you generally won’t have to deal with those, but be ready in case the flower girl gets nervous and stops or if the Groom’s collar is popped up. You probably won’t experience a “Runaway Bride” kind of deal, but keep an eye out so you can lend a hand wherever it’sneeded. Also, remember to be ready for your best man speeches, which will come up faster than you expect!

    After the reception, you may only have a few more jobs. Make sure all the wedding gifts are packed and safe, ready to go wherever the Bride and Groom want them. If you are taking the Bride and Groom to their airport or a hotel, get the car ready and pick them up. Do not be drinking prior to driving the couple. And finally, if you are in charge of returning tuxedos, make sure they’re on time to avoid being charged for a late return.

    As you can see, you have a variety of responsibilities to attend to besides your best mans speech. Once again, make sure you know exactly what you are in charge of, and make sure it gets done, including your preparation for the big best man speechs.

    There are some pretty standard elements that you can follow if you at a loss as to what to include in your best man speeches. Within the speech is usually an introduction, a good memory or story about the Groom, and finally, the conclusion toast. Start your speech with an introduction. This lets everyone know first who you are and exactly how you’re related to the Groom, setting up the tone for the entire speech.

    There are many options open to you after your introduction. Where you decide to take your speech ultimately depends on your personality, as well as your relationship with the Groom. Start off with a good joke or a heart-warming story. However, make sure they’re appropriate – there are both children and grandparents in the audience, and you don’t want to make the Groom’s grandma blush with some of the stories you might have.

    Even if the most exciting thing you and the Groom have ever done is write “Wash Me” on the back of a dirty truck, the audience will appreciate your sincerity and it will make your speech very successful. Avoid dirty stories or stories that could potentially embarrass the Bride or the Groom. You want to honor them, not mortify them in front of their entire family. Describe how the Bride and Groom first met and when you first met her. Mention some of the qualities of your first impression of her, but only the good ones!

    Mention how lovely the bride looks and mention how she and the Groom met. Talk about how your friend looked and acted when he was around her. Tell how the relationship grew, resulting in them sitting next to you on the Wedding Day. Whatever you decide to talk about, be genuine and creative. Good memories are easy to talk about naturally, and the audience will naturally pick up on your enthusiasm.

    The toast is the grand finale. It doesn’t need to be long or super dramatic. Give your best wishes to the bride and groom and extend to them the hope that they live a long and happy life together. The end of your speech needs to be heart-felt and meaningful, more so than the rest of your best man speech. Avoid jokes or sarcasm; this is where you give the Bride and Groom their sendoff. You can insert a little friendly advice or a maxim to conclude if you like, and then prompt everyone to raise their glasses and drink for the couple. Now you’re done. Accept your applause and bask in a job well done.

    If you are still at a loss as to what your best mans speeches should include, it would be helpful to go online and look up some helpful pointers. If you’ve never given a best mans speeches before, reading some examples can give you a good place to start.

    He knows how much you hate public speaking, but he asked you to be his Best Man anyway. You remember the last time you had to make a speech. It was last year in your Environmental Conservation class, and you said “sex” instead of “six.” So, he’s just trying to torture you right? Probably not. Being a Best Man is an honor, and he liked you enough to ask you to be his. You’re not even completely sure what a best man does. If you are unsure where to begin, you aren’t alone. Tons of guys are in a situation similar to yours, and I bet if you looked hard enough, you could find a Best Man Support Group online. However, you won’t need to join any kind of support group. A little advice and some practice can help you write an awesome best man wedding speech, and who knows, you may even have fun doing it.

    Before you even start your speech, get comfortable and relaxed. Writing a speech while you’re relaxed will help you write relaxed, and in turn, speak more relaxed. The best speech will come from an open, relaxed mind, so make sure you’re in a comfortable mind set.

    Avoid giving your speech a rigid structure. You want to avoid sounding like a 5th grader’s first essay paper. Trust in your personality and have some ingenuity, and you can write an original, creative, and memorable speech that the whole audience will never forget.

    The best man speeches examples generally contains an introduction, some good memories of the Groom, and a final toast to the wedded couple. The speech usually falls between three to five minutes long. Any longer than that and the audience might get bored. The speech takes place during the reception and usually follows a few other speakers, such as the Father of the Bride, among others. Start your speech by introducing yourself. Make sure you address your relationship with the groom, as this heavily affects the mood and content of your speech. Whether you’re the father, son, cousin, best friend, or brother to the Groom opens different opportunities for you to add special touches to your speech.

    A note card with some keywords on it is alright to keep on hand, but don’t write down your entire speech. Having just a few keywords keeps your speech sounding natural and in your own words, as opposed to reading directly off a paper, which looks insincere and tacky. With enough practice, you won’t even have to use your note card. Keep your card on you as a security blanket, just in case your nerves get the better of you and you forget what to say next. Simply knowing you have a little backup could possibly prevent you needing one all together.

    Everyday people who are terrified of public speeches stand in front of a crowd and deliver their best man speech without incident. Everyone knows that making a best man speech is hard, so practice all you can and do your best.

    The Bachelor party is a pretty traditional part of weddings, like the best mans speech. All a bachelor party is, is to celebrate the Groom’s last night as a single man. This can take on a variety of meanings. Make sure you know exactly what the Groom expects, and that you respect his wishes. The bachelor party is supposed to be a fun thing for the Groom and his buddies, and if your friend is the kind of guy that doesn’t appreciate strip clubs and ridiculous amounts of alcohol, chances are he won’t appreciate them at his bachelor party.

    There are no set rules or traditions to adhere by when planning the activities for a bachelor party. Some guys prefer to get a myriad of strippers and drink insane amounts of alcohol, while others just want to go out with their buddies and watch football at the sports bar. Knowing what the groom expects and is alright with will help avoid any awkward results. If your Groom is a laid back kind of guy, you don’t want to hire squad of strippers.

    Planning is important if you want to throw a great party. Check everyone’s calendar and pick a date that works for all the people you intend to invite. Do some research and find a good location. Bachelor parties can be held anywhere from a VIP room at a restaurant to renting out whole clubs. This will require a fair amount of time to book in advance, so do it as early as possible. Think about what kind of menu you want there to be and if there will be alcohol. People will need transportation home if there is drinking, so find a good way to get home safely. Make sure you set up a system where everyone chips in to pay for the party, because it’s not your responsibility alone. You want to make sure the Groom doesn’t have to pay for anything, so let your buddies know.

    More and more bachelor and bachelorette parties are being combined. Don’t get offended if the Groom decides he wants to share is party with the Bride. Bachelor parties can be pretty awkward to talk about with the Bride, and combining the two parties generally eliminates this problem. Don’t be disappointed since you won’t get to hire strippers. The Bride’s girlfriends will be there, they’ll just be wearing significantly more clothing. This will give you an opportunity to prepare for your best man wedding speeches.

    As the big day approaches, make sure to get plenty of sleep and get ready, it’ll probably be a pretty long day. You are going to play a very special part in the Groom’s wedding as the Best Man, so be proud of that. This is one of the most defining moments in any person’s life, and you were picked to participate in it. There is no shame in bringing some tissues. Of course YOU aren’t going to cry, but the Groom’s mother might. So there is no harm in being prepared.

    When it’s time for you to make your best man speech, remember to be sincere. Don’t get up there and try to remember every rule or tip you’ve ever heard for making your best man speech successful.